Mentor Match

Whether you're an experienced dietitian wanting to give back to the industry, or a Provisional APD looking for career advice, mentoring relationships deliver rewards to both parties. 

These can be professional, such as improved communication skills and confidence. Or they can be personal, such as an increased circle of friends and new perspectives. 

Mentor Match is DA's tool for connecting mentees with suitable mentors.

Please be advised that student members aren't yet eligible to participate in our mentor program.

Mentoring for Provisional APDs

Provisional APDs must use Mentor Match to register their mentoring partnership.

The date you register your partnership is considered the start date of your mentoring arrangement. As a Provisional APD, you must participate in a mentoring partnership of 12 or more meetings over at least 12 months. You have 24 months to complete your mentoring.

Your mentor must be a Full APD, Advanced APD or Fellow. Your meetings must be face-to-face; either in person or via internet-based video technology such as Skype or Facetime.

Visit the APD Handbook for more information about our mentoring program.

Visit Help for more information about the Mentor Program on Share Plate.

Other mentoring partnerships

Mentoring partnerships created outside the Provisional APD program can use any communication method. There are no set rules for you to follow.

How to use Mentor Match


Complete your member profile.

Having a complete and accurate profile is crucial to the success of selection and matching.


Enrol in the program by completing the form appropriate to your career stage and goal.

Become a mentee

Set your preferences with each of the program variables. These include the topics and populations you'd like to focus on. Remember, the more information provided, the better the match. 

You also need to add your start date (the end date is optional) of availability.

Please note some fields are compulsory. 


Once enrolled, mentees can use the Mentor Program Directory to search for suitable mentors. Start by selecting the topic(s) you are interested and the population you'd like to work with.

Do one search or multiple searches.

You can also search the experience and location of available mentors, or by the name of a specific mentor you’ve already met (as long as they are enrolled as a mentor!). 


Congratulations! You're all set and can start connecting with potential mentors. 

Click on the member's name with whom you're interested in establishing a connection. The link will bring you to their profile page. Look around and see if it’s a good match. If you don’t know them already, why not send them a message and introduce yourself? This can help both of you make a decision about establishing a mentoring partnership.

If you think it's a good match, look under their profile image for the ‘Send me a Mentor Request’ button. Once clicked, a request will be sent through to the mentor. They will review your request and let you know the outcome.

If the match isn’t right, return to your previous search results and repeat steps 3 and 4.


Discover the benefits of being a mentor and complete your profile.
Become a mentor

Learn more about the program on the Mentoring Page of the member portal.

For questions about Mentor Match please contact