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Below is a full list of Share Plate's communities. While you might be able to see the activity in listed communities, you won't be able to participate unless you join. Some you'll be added to automatically as a result of your involvement (for example, if you are a member of a committee). For other communities, such as our interest and discussion groups, you'll need to join manually.

To join a community, visit your profile page on the Member Portal and click on the 'Share Plate communities' tab. Select the groups of interest and click 'save'. 

Please note: as our system syncs overnight, your request to join or leave these groups won't happen immediately. These updates will appear in your 'my communities' list on Share Plate the following day. Discover more about joining or leaving groups in Share Plate. 

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Thanks for being part of Share Plate, DA's community space.

This is a space for our members to connect, create and collaborate.

It's also a space where all members should feel valued, respected and supported.


By joining and using any community, you agree to follow these terms and conditions.

We reserve the right to delete content (without notice) or suspend and/or terminate membership in this community for rule violations.

Each community has an appointed volunteer moderator and staff administrator to ensure these rules are adhered to.

Please contact us if you have any questions.